European FundTech Lab is an initiative to forward technological development at a more granular level within the funds industry.

The forum is designed to allow interaction between a range of market participants, both large and small, including asset managers, distributors and asset servicers.

The introduction of digital technology to cut down on automated processes or harness the power of data has been described as “glacial”, but over the past year various events involving blockchain and machine learning within the funds industry suggest this is changing. Our initiative has the single aim of promoting discussion between all parties about how to advance from here.

Technology is seen both as an enabler and a threat to the funds industry in equal measure. We are creating a forum to discuss the implications of technology that will aid in making sure further progress is made.

Latest FundTech Forum

European FundTech Lab London Spring 2019

Funds Europe in conjunction with Amundi Services, Calastone, Metrosoft, Milestone Group and Oracle hosted the fifth European FundTech Lab forum which took place in London on Thursday, May 16, 2019.

The previous events have focused on data, operations, blockchain, compliance, legacy, regulation and AI. In this forum we continued to examine these and more:

 •  Risk management and technology
 •  Behavioural science and investment decisions
 •  Data ownership

Edward Glyn, Head of Global Markets, Calastone
Phil Hannay, Managing Consultant, Catalyst
Mateusz Derejski, Country Head Poland, Metrosoft
Phil Davies, Chief Technology Officer, Milestone Group
Matt Newnham, Managing Director, UK & Ireland, MFEX
Greg Davies, Head of Behavioural Science, Oxford Risk

Date: Thursday May 16, 2019
Time: 2.30pm to 6pm
Where: Furniture Makers’ Hall, 12 Austin Friars, London EC2N 2HE

Please note: This is a bespoke event for asset managers, asset servicers and consultants. Spaces will be confirmed subject to qualification.

If you have any questions please contact Paula Towner at [email protected].

Past FundTech Lab Forums


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