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European cross-border fund management, as an industry, has a number of tailwinds supporting its growth.

Rising middle-class populations in emerging economies are creating a larger pool of potential investors to whom firms can increase their distribution footprint by offering them European-domiciled funds that are regulated by the EU’s advanced regulatory regime, namely “Ucits” funds for traditional investments, and the “AIFMD” for more sophisticated investments, such as hedge funds and private-markets.

The widespread adoption of digital platforms is further democratising access to investment funds across the globe and there is also the growing emphasis on long-term financial planning and retirement savings, which provides a secular demand for investment funds.

ESG, meanwhile, is another more recent boon for the industry.

But with the increase in passive investment over recent years, competition for assets under management for active managers has become intense. Greater allocations to private markets increase that competition for asset management firms with public equity businesses.

Further, cross-border investment managers in Europe have seen intense fee compression, which – combined with heavier regulatory scrutiny and costs – has caused a drag on expansion.

Yet some firms do continue to see growth in their European-domiciled businesses. Funds Europe has partnered with Monterey Insight, a leading provider of data for the cross-border, EU (inc. UK) asset management industry, to recognise growth leaders.


The Top50 is an annual collaboration between Funds Europe and Monterey Insight, showcasing the 50 leading asset managers with the most substantial growth in their assets under management (AUM) for the respective year, specifically for 2022, in this edition.

Derived from an exhaustive examination of the cross-border landscape of EU and UK funds, Monterey Insight’s data ensures comprehensive coverage of all active collective investment schemes domiciled and/or serviced in major fund hubs such as the UK, Luxembourg, Ireland, Jersey and Guernsey. This broad scan accentuates the pivotal cross-border domiciles for both Ucits and AIFMD funds.

The Top50 firms are then further categorised based on their AUM:

  • <€20 Billion AUM
  • €20-€100 Billion AUM
  • >€100 Billion AUM

Earning the title of a ‘Funds Europe Top50’ firm is not only a testament to an asset manager’s success in AUM growth over the past 12 months, but also serves as a notable endorsement when engaging with institutional investors, consultants and fund buyers.

As these recognitions are rooted in independent, qualified and trusted fund data, they provide an objective and uncompromised evaluation of a firm’s performance, offering invaluable credibility in the market.

For more information contact Alex Lemm at [email protected] or on +447340 412337.

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