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Calastone | Oct 19, 2021

The future of distribution part 1Digital technology is increasingly important to fund managers, including in the area of fund distribution.

Funds Europe, in partnership with Calastone, surveyed fund houses for insight into their needs in the years ahead.

The rise of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin in the public imagination is paralleled in the funds industry, where an appreciation of how digital assets offer the potential to increase distribution ability is growing.

Macrobond Financial | May 26, 2021

Macrobond_Climate_Change_White_PaperThe economic and physical impact of global warming is becoming clearer year by year.

Governments worldwide are taking the threat seriously, proposing and implementing a range of policies that aim to limit carbon emissions and promote a more sustainable way to live and work.

As temperatures continue to rise, more pressure will be placed on everyone, particularly investors and other financial professionals, to factor climate change into their decision-making.

EDHECinfra | May 12, 2021

EDHECinfra_Volatility_White_Paper_coverValuation drivers and trends, 2000-2021

The volatility of infrastructure equity investments is the risk which investors take to receive a reward for holding such assets. A robust measure of this risk and its drivers is an essential part of the inclusion of infrastructure investments in the portfolio, from strategic asset allocation to risk management and reporting, to manager compensation.

Macrobond Financial | Mar 25, 2021

Impact_of_COVID19_on_global_real_estateInvestment in residential real estate, along with property prices, typically rise and fall in correlation with economic growth and contraction, according to the economist Edward Leamer in his 2007 research paper, Housing is the Business Cycle.

While his study focused on the US economy, the findings were applicable to other countries – that is, until recently.

The Henka Institute | Mar 3, 2021

FTS_Global_white_paperLeadership behaviours in the Funds Industry needs to change now!

Covid-19 has uncovered that individuals demand more from work than stability and security. They want connection, empowerment, trust and work-life balance.

The funds industry is starting to understand that it needs to embrace a more inclusive and collaborative Leadership style to engage with the workforce and move away from Command and Control.

Broadridge | Jan 26, 2021

Post-financial crisis, EU regulators hastily introduced a slew of new requirements and reporting obligations for asset management companies. Some of these new rules have created enormous challenges for the industry at a time when it is already facing a number of obstacles.

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Northern Trust | Oct 1, 2020

As COVID-19 compounds pressures and overturns assumptions, managers are considering outsourcing their trading desk as a potential solution

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Funds Europe | Sep 23, 2020

With asset owner, manager, service provider and consultant views, this report takes a 360-degree approach in considering the various investment opportunities and challenges in mainland China as it continues to build on the major theme of opening its onshore markets to the outside world.