Unigestion opens up in Nordics

CopenhagenGeneva-headquartered Unigestion has opened an office in Copenhagen in order to “better serve” investors across the Nordics.

According to the firm, the office will allow it to increase its investor base and work closer with investors in the region.

“To ensure we can be successful in the region it’s important that we have a local presence with a deep understanding of the market,” said chief executive Fiona Frick.

Through the office, the firm aims to tap into demand for environmental, social and governance (ESG), and risk management in the region.

The office will be headed by Per Lawӕtz Hansen, who joined Unigestion’s business development team as head of Nordics in 2018.

The Copenhagen-based distribution function will serve institutional investors and intermediaries in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and the Netherlands.

ESG and risk management are among the issues that investors in the Nordics care most about, Hansen said.

“Our approach to these themes will resonate with Nordic investors and help us to stand out in a competitive and important market,” he said.

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