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Space ETF ready for lift-off

space_etfAn ETF set to be launched in June is offering European investors exposure to the ‘space economy’.

Said to be Europe’s first space ETF, the Procure Space Ucits ETF will list on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker YODA ETF.

Available through HANetf, the ETF follows an index that tracks companies operating in the space industry, from satellite-based communications to rocket manufacturing. Procure has a sister ETF in the US with the ticker UFO.

Robert Tull, president of Procure Innovation and founder of Procure Space Ucits ETF, said: “The commercialisation of space, whether it’s launching satellites to help meet the growing demands for data transfer or to support GPS systems and weather forecasts shows how the space economy is a part of people’s everyday lives and not just about space exploration.”

HANetf also announced the launch of another ETF on Thursday. The Airlines, Hotels and Cruise Lines ETF will also be listed on the London Stock Exchange in June.

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