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Candriam launches waste-reducing ‘circular economy’ fund 

circular_economyCandriam has launched a global equity strategy targeting the ‘circular economy’ theme, which hinges on waste reduction and leverages trends such as the backlash of single-use plastic.

The Candriam SRI Equity Circular Economy Fund invests in companies that use technology and other innovations to transition away from the “take, make, dispose” economic model.

Brussels-based Candriam claims the circular economy is a “multi-decade” investment theme with a projected value of perhaps $4.5 trillion by 2030.

Lead portfolio manager Koen Popleu said: “The backlash against single-use plastic and the growing popularity of plastic-free goods has shown that regulators and consumers support the transition to a circular economy.”

Reputational risk and consumer boycotting have seen companies deciding to “drastically increase” their use of recycled plastic packaging and transform operations, the manager – who works alongside co-manager Monika Kumar - added.

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