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Get ready for CSDR

Data & analytics

Data_and_Analytics_pictureThe Central Securities Depositories Regulation’s (CSDR) upcoming Settlement Discipline Regime (SDR) will impose new measures to prevent settlement failure such as cash penalties for failing and/or late matching trades. Given these new, potentially large, impacts - the time is here to focus efforts on the prevention of failure.

With Institutional Trade Processing (ITP) Data Analytics, you can unlock the potential of your data to better understand who your higher risk counterparties are, allowing you to identify potential missed trade affirmations to prevent fails.

In addition, the SDR will introduce market guidelines and best practices for the confirmation allocation process, recommending that participants fully complete trade confirmation and allocation within a two-hour window on execution date. ITP Data Analytics provides a detailed analysis of the full block to allocation timeframe utilizing CTM™ time stamps from both the IM and Broker sides of the transaction.

To learn more about how ITP Data Analytics can help you:

  • Monitor in scope CSDR transactions using CTM trade data
  • Utilize CTM timestamps to identify transactions being fully match agreed outside of the recommended time frames
  • Benchmark your counterparties to identify problematic institutions
  • Export underlying data for internal analysis and external client reviews

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