In the midst of market volatility, the theory that infrastructure provides consistency has turned out to be correct. The asset class also provides a great ESG engagement opportunity, writes David Blackman.

Data_linesData centres in Europe are booming and may be a sound target for investors. But as Pete Carvill discovers, the sector faces a number of challenges, including ESG.

We are currently living in a crypto winter, as evidenced by the falling value of cryptocurrencies.

This is not the first such winter, though.

Road_overpassIn an inflationary, volatile environment, institutions have shown a notable interest in infrastructure assets, finds Mithursha Kesavan.

Marie_Catala_and_Arabelle_ContePassive or active? Jean-Marie Catala and Arabelle Conte, of France’s AFG funds association, advocate for a diversified investment model.

Fund managers in France will need to get to grips with biodiversity and broader, more stringent ESG reporting, finds Lynn Strongin Dodds. They might even need to amend contracts with third parties.

The long-running Priips disclosure saga has resulted in a fragmentation of rules. Ayal Leibowitz of LPA attempts to explain crucial differences between differing regimes. 

Inverted Yield CurveWhat is the yield curve? What signals has it been giving recently? And what does this mean for corporate bonds? David Blackman explains.