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Harnessing innovation

Adopting new technology will be important in helping the investment funds industry to capture new business and to deliver secure, efficient services. But where does the industry sit in its technology journey? How good is it at harnessing innovation? And where does it need to improve? Funds Global Asia, in association with Calastone, surveyed the industry to provide answers to these questions. Among its main findings:

     •  66% of respondents say asset managers have improved their ability to manage technology adoption over the past three years.
     •  46% say China will deliver most investment growth in Asia during the next five years.
     •  33% say India is the emerging funds centre in Asia that offers most opportunity to asset managers for business expansion.
     •  29% say distributed ledger technology (DLT) is the emerging technology that will have the biggest impact on the industry.
     •  72% say DLT will enable better co-operation between participants in the funds value chain.
     •  53% say DLT will deliver greater security in record-keeping, reconciliation and audit procedures across the funds industry
     •  45% say China will be the primary source of innovation.

For the third year, Funds Global Asia, with sister publication Funds Europe, has partnered with Calastone to produce a survey of the dominant trends in Asia’s asset management industry.

We developed this survey, sent only to readers based in Asia, to evaluate industry views on questions of particular relevance to the region. Later in the year, we will run a similar survey with a larger sample of respondents across our global readership of funds industry professionals.

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