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Accessing and investing in China

Funds Europe, in partnership with Northern Trust, interview four key stakeholders of financial institutions operating in China who have in-depth knowledge of the strategies that asset managers need to access markets and effectively trade and invest in China. Watch all four videos to learn more.
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Clive Bellows, Head of Global Fund Services, EMEA, Northern Trust, highlights the organisation’s expertise and observations around the growing interest in cross-border investment into Asia, particularly China, the challenges that come with it, and how Northern Trust is helping international fund managers in overcoming these barriers.Richard Pan, Chief Investment Officer, China Asset Management Company, delves into China’s economic transformation from an export and investment-driven economy to a domestic consumption and an innovation-driven economy; particularly in renewable energy, making products accessible for global consumers and attractive to foreign asset managers.

Angela Chang, Head of Global Custody Service Division, ICBC, compares and contrasts the four modes of entry into China for foreign investors – QFI, CIBM, Stock Connect and Bond Connect. With quota limits removed, cross border capital flow controls relaxed and just a tax commitment letter needed for repatriation, international investment in China has become infinitely more attractive.Dan Wang, WFOE Service Manager, Custody Department, China Merchants Securities, talks about the two main forms of carrying out asset management in China: either via setting up a private fund company such as WFOE PFM, QDLP, QFLP or through a Mutual Fund Management Company. In general, the private fund license is much easier to obtain than mutual funds, so most institutions launch private fund business first and then transfer to mutual funds.

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