Pictet launches first onshore fund for UK investors

UK MapPictet Asset Management has launched its first onshore fund for UK investors. The FP Pictet Multi Asset Portfolio targets equity-like returns without the characteristic volatility associated with equities.

The fund may invest in a wide range of assets including bonds, equities and real assets such as property. The team seek to actively asset allocate as the economic environment and market valuations change.

It is looking to reduce volatility and manage downside risk, recognising that one poor year of returns can reverse several years of growth.

“We aim to deliver long-term equity-like returns which we define as cash plus 4% per annum, net of fees, over a three to five year period. The fund is aimed at investors who are looking for steady returns while controlling the volatility of their portfolio,” says Percival Stanion, head of Pictet’s London-based multi asset team.

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