Norwegian investors flock to equity funds

NorwayData released by the Norwegian Fund and Asset Management Association (VFF) indicates Norwegian retail investors pumped over 1 billion Norwegian kroner (€105 billion) into equity funds in November, the highest monthly total to date in 2015.

A further 804 million kroner went into fixed income funds and 323 million kroner into balanced funds. Overall, domestic retail investors invested net 2.18 billion kroner in Norwegian funds over the month.

In sum, this activity means as of November 31, Norwegian retail investors have 180 billion kroner invested in Norwegian funds.

Conversely, institutional investors accounted for net redemptions of around 21 billion kroner, including 19 billion kroner withdrawn from fixed income funds. However, the Association states these redemptions were the result of national life insurer DNB group reallocating funds in other assets.

Foreign investors sold some 1.3 billion kroner worth of equity funds on a net basis, taking their total assets in Norwegian funds to 106 billion kroner. As a result, total assets under management held in Norwegian funds at the end of November stood at 911 billion kroner.

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