Nordic funds industry expects inflows

growthSeven in ten fund companies and distributors in the Nordic states expect net inflows into their regional industry in the coming year and 80% of fund companies expect inflows into their own firm.

But the result is less optimistic than last year, when 96% of Nordic companies said they expected inflows into the regional industry.

The results are from a survey of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden commissioned by Advent Software.

Data from the Swedish Investment Fund Association shows the Nordic industry has attracted consistent inflows in recent years, though the volume of inflows has declined. In 2009, Sweden's industry attracted a net inflow of €13 billion, falling to €10 billion in 2010 and €2 billion last year. Net inflows into Norway's industry were €7 billion in 2009, €5 billion in 2010 and €3 billion last year.

Market research firm Prospera surveyed 33 fund companies, 28 distributors and 22 institutional investors in the region.

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