The level of 2015 fund flows depends on who you listen to

Screen graphLatest figures show a roughly €400 billion rise in global fund flows last year – though the figure is at odds with separate data yesterday that showed a decline.

Today, the European Fund and Asset Management Association (Efama) shows that worldwide investment funds attracted net sales of €1,969 billion in 2015, up from €1,532 billion in 2014.

Even with money market funds taken out, Efama’s figures show inflows of €1,602 billion to “long-term” funds in 2015, compared to €1,379 billion in 2014.

Yet as reported yesterday, Morningstar data for 2015 global fund flows showed a one-third drop in dollar terms compared to the year before.

Both data reflect global open-ended funds. Morningstar also includes exchange-traded funds.

Additional Efama findings show assets of equity funds represented 40% and bond funds represented 20% of all investment fund assets worldwide at the end of last year.

Investment fund assets under management worldwide were €36.94 trillion at end 2015, according to Efama.

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