Euronext ETFs reach record assets

ETF tradingExchange-traded funds (ETFs) trading on Euronext, the Eurozone stock exchange, saw a steep rise in August.

Average daily volumes increase 40% over August 2013 and assets under management set a new record of €187.7 billion.

Nearly 600 ETFs are listed on the Euronext exchange from 17 issuers.

Lyxor, a French asset manager with an ETF business, reported in July that the European ETF market had seen strong inflows in the first half of the year and that total assets under management were up 14% over the end of 2013.

European equity indices were the main beneficiaries, though US equities also benefited from new money, and emerging markets reversed 2013 outflows.

However, data from BlackRock out today, shows that Europe equity exchange-traded products saw outflows in August.

As well as ETF trading, Euronext says daily average cash market volumes increased 11.6% in August compared to the same period in 2013, and that daily volumes increased 13% year-to-date.

Euronext has over 1,300 issuers worth €2.6 trillion in market capitalisation.

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