Magazine Issues»November 2015

BridgeInvestors are fidgety about central banks’ policies, especially the prospect of a rate rise in the US. But they should look beyond the macro ‘noise’ and take a patient approach.

TabletBaby-boomers hold the most wealth – but advisors know they must act to connect with the next generation of millennials. Funds Europe, in association with Investec Asset Management, reports on the Investec Global Advisor Forum held in London recently.

ShadowsThe asset management industry could harness mass customisation to bring premium products to a larger audience, says Hans van Houwelingen of NN Investment Partners.

Geoff CookGeoff Cook, Chief Executive, Jersey Finance, explains how Jersey has offered a mature response to regulatory changes affecting International Financial Centres.

Laurence ApplegateIn many joint ventures, the shareholders’ agreement will remain silent on how the future funding needs of a joint venture will be satisfied.

It’s time for asset managers to lead the pack in digital media, not merely follow. Marketing partnerships now exist to make this possible, says CLS Communication.

TunnelThe hunt for yield has seen higher institutional bond holdings. Hugo Cox explains how this has slowed down bond trading and led to information risks when large trades do occur. But can a new breed of e-platforms help?

3D printerDefined contribution pension provision means the number of fund solutions required is set to explode. Kevin Openshaw and Nathan Travell of Milestone Group look at the administration capabilities needed to deliver cost-controlled investment outcomes.

TechnologyA new working group intends to bring automation to the alternative funds market. But why should this plan be successful, asks Nicholas Pratt, when others have failed?

King and ShewringIt is all too easy to assume that research & development (R&D) and innovation are purely the domain of fintech start-ups that regularly grab the headlines.