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Digital assetHow the asset servicing industry must adapt for the digital future

Emerging digital infrastructures and the rapid digitisation of existing processes are fundamentally changing the asset servicing industry. The holistic nature of this evolution means that each step in the industry’s value chain will become increasingly astute, agile, collaborative and creative.

The asset servicing industry of tomorrow will be more efficient, transparent, and flexible, with products and services that are unimaginable today.  Asset servicers will play a significant role in allowing investors and stakeholders to track data, manage standards and make decisions to create a more sustainable future.

Whilst offering significant opportunity, the variety of new developments has the potential to create operational fragmentation, with industry participants having to navigate and manage multiple ecosystems simultaneously.

This increases the need not only for a shared taxonomy and global approach in how emerging technologies are regulated, but also for flexibility and adaptability amongst partners, combined with a commitment to investor protection.

In this evolving landscape, asset servicers will become a conduit for their clients to a new digital world, navigating complexities and highlighting opportunities, while also maintaining their traditional safeguarding role.

Learn more in Northern Trust’s latest insights which explore the step change the asset servicing industry must undergo to adapt for the digital future, and provide a vision of the future based on current technology and industry trends alongside Northern Trust’s own experience and innovation research.

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