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VIDEO: How investors are driving change in the meat industry

Video: Funds Europe speaks with Maria Lettini, executive director of the FAIRR initiative, about changes in global meat consumption, the threat posed by antibiotics in animal agriculture, and how investors are trying to make the meat industry more sustainable.

In this exclusive interview, Maria Lettini talks about how momentum is gaining pace in the sustainable protein sector and what this means for the meat industry, as vegetarian and vegan options are increasingly available on supermarket shelves while consumers are becoming more conscious of what they eat.

According to FAIRR, the food industry is the largest consumer of antibiotics across the globe. Lettini highlights what the implications of this are on society, and what role investors can play in driving change in this space.

She also explains how capital allocation can play a role in ensuring food companies and their suppliers achieve net zero by 2050.

FAIRR made headway in this area recently. Following a two-year investor engagement project with six leading fast food chains including McDonald's and Domino's, five brands have now publicly stated that they will set, or have already set, science-based targets to reduce their emissions.

Lettini also spoke to Funds Europe for the May issue about ETF options for vegans. Read the article here: ETFs for vegans

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