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Tilney launches sustainable multi-asset fund

Sustainable investingTilney has launched its Sustainable Adventurous Portfolio as part of its Active Portfolio fund range.

The fund is aimed at retail investors seeking a long-term growth focused portfolio of investments that demonstrate strong ESG and sustainability credentials.

The portfolio will be made up of third-party funds that invest in companies areas such as the conversation of energy and natural resources, sustainable transport and infrastructure, and the provision of high-quality products.

It will also include services of long-term benefit to society such as healthcare and affordable housing, sustainable food and water management, and companies that support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals through robust human rights policies.

The portfolio will seek to avoid funds with direct exposure to companies involved with the production of alcohol for consumption, gambling, palm oil, armaments, pornography, and tobacco.

Generva Banszky von Ambroz has been named as the lead manager for the fund.

She is also portfolio manager for the Tilney Sustainable Cautious Portfolio and the Tilney Sustainable MPS range.

Banszky von Ambroz said: “Following the success of our existing strategy, which has delivered strong risk-adjusted returns since launch and grown to over £300 million in size, we have had strong client and adviser demand for a sustainable multi-asset fund with a higher weighting to equities, suited to investors with a long-term horizon and greater risk appetite.

“While there will be a fair amount of commonality in the underlying funds selected between the two funds, the Sustainable Adventurous Portfolio will have a circa 75% allocation to equities, compared to 45% in the existing Sustainable Cautious fund.”

The Tilney Sustainable Adventurous Portfolio has a 1.59% ongoing charge figure, inclusive of a 0.75% annual management fee and the costs of the underlying funds it will invest in.

The launch represents a further expansion of Tilney Smith & Williamson’s ethical and sustainable investment solutions which include the sustainable managed portfolio service and an existing pooled fund.

The Tilney Sustainable Adventurous fund will sit alongside the existing Tilney Sustainable Portfolio, which was launched in 2009 as a unit trust and later converted to an ICVC.

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