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Caceis and Bitstamp partner to enable Bitcoin

BitcoinsCaceis and the EU’s only fully licensed bitcoin exchange Bitstamp have launched a service enabling fund promoters to accept bitcoin investments from retail and corporate clients into their investment funds.

The firms said the partnership represents an exciting opportunity for fund promoters to source new capital inflows.

Fund promoters working with Caceis as their transfer agent will be eligible to process fund subscriptions and redemptions in bitcoin when the service goes live in the second quarter of this year.

The development was warmly welcomed by Bitstamp’s CEO, Nejc Kodrič: “The bitcoin industry is expanding not only geographically, but also in terms of its user base, which is why we are now seeing so many developments in the corporate investment space.”

Deputy CEO of Caceis Joe Saliba also welcomed the move. He said that fund promoters are constantly seeking new sources of investment capital and by interfacing them with a regulated bitcoin exchange it is supporting their business development objectives.

“As a digital currency, bitcoin is already having a significant impact on the financial world and we have a strong conviction that this could increase as more fund promoters accept investment in bitcoin,” said Saliba.

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