Majority of stock market investors plan to increase trading activity

More than six out of 10 (62%) stock market investors plan to increase the amount they trade this year, a study has shown.

The study by GraniteShares, an issuer of exchange traded products, has revealed that 62% of investors plan to ramp up their trading volume, reflecting a growing interest in share trading.

Among UK adults surveyed, 25% identify themselves as stock market investors, with 14% of this cohort trading daily. “The age group between 25 and 34-years-old are most likely to be investors with 35% of that age group trading,” it reported.

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Moreover, the study highlighted varied trading frequencies, with 14% trading several times a week and 25% buying and selling shares multiple times a month. About 32% estimate their monthly trading volume to exceed £500, predominantly focusing on share trading (64%).
The research has revealed trading patterns too, with 77% of investors conducting trades in the evening, followed by 44% before work, 42% during work hours, and 50% late at night. Additionally, approximately 60% admit to occasional weekend trading.

Despite the majority (53%) reporting profits from trading, around 15% acknowledge losses, while 24% broke even. Among the losers, 41% incurred losses up to £3,000 and 15% lost between £3,000 and £10,000.

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The study has also revealed a growing interest in leveraging investments, with 31% of investors utilising leveraged instruments to amplify gains and losses, particularly in single stocks.
Will Rhind, founder and CEO of GraniteShares, commented: “Interest in stock market trading is continuing to grow with most regular investors planning to increase the amount they trade this year. There is also evidence that people are increasingly looking for other ways to invest than simply buying single stocks and investment funds with more interest in ETFs as well as leveraged ETFs on single stocks.
It is however important to remember that the study shows considerable numbers of investors are breaking even or losing money and that people are prepared to take risks with their finances.”



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