LIVE WEBINAR: Empowering the Investor: Leveraging Technology to Enhance Client and Investor Experiences

The fund management industry is undergoing significant wide-ranging changes, making it imperative for businesses to transition from manual paper-based processes to streamlined, digital operations.
This shift isn’t just a trend—it’s a critical imperative for businesses aiming to stay competitive and meet the evolving expectations of clients and investors. Our panel of industry experts will explore the multifaceted challenges faced by asset managers and asset servicing firms in improving the client and investor experience and how best to enhance processes through the use of digital technology.
Join our upcoming webinar to identify leading practices for:
  • Enhancing Investor Experience: Why asset managers should focus on enhancing the investor’s experience and not just focus on cutting operational costs.
  • Operational Transformation: Gain insights into the critical shift from manual to digital processes, a necessity for maintaining a competitive edge in today’s dynamic market.
  • Comprehensive Data Management: Explore the complexities of managing data across multiple jurisdictions and business lines and learn how to create a unified investor profile for enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Technology Integration: Understand how technology can mitigate issues such as data duplication and siloed systems and discover the profound impact these solutions can have on reducing costs, improving client retention, and managing reputational risk.
  • Strategic Technology Partnerships: Learn how partnering with leading technology providers can address current challenges and pave the way for a more efficient, compliant, and future-ready organisation.
The panel
Tara Kane, Product Manager, Fenergo
Tara Kane is the Product Manager for Asset Servicing & Asset Management at Fenergo. She has spent more than 15 years working in the Asset Servicing industry in Dublin for industry leaders such as JP Morgan, BNP Paribas and HSBC. Since joining Fenergo over 5 years ago she has worked with key clients on their digital transformation initiatives from an investor and client lifecycle perspective. She is focused on defining and driving the Fenergo solution forward to meet the nuanced requirements for this industry to help clients improve their controls, efficiencies and the end user experience.
Richard Rae, Senior Manager – Transitions, Demand & Design, abrdn

Richard Rae is Senior Manager – Transitions, Demand & Design at abrdn. He has almost 30 years experience in financial services working in Pensions and Investments for Standard Life, Citi, HSBC and abrdn. Richard has spent the last 15 years establishing, leading and transforming a number of teams within Investment Operations. He is currently responsible for providing abrdn: transitions capability; execution of operational client lifecycle events; assessment of Product and Client demand; design and documentation of business operating models.

Phill Loveridge, Associate Director – AML, Aztec Group

Phill has worked in the AML and Compliance sector for over 12 years. He started his career in Guernsey, where he worked for a number of Private Equity firms before joining the Aztec Group in 2016. In 2018, Phill transferred to Aztec Luxembourg where he oversees the operations of Aztec’s Luxembourg and Irish offices, heading up a department of 21 AML staff.

Julien Ganter, Partner, Arendt Regulatory & Consulting
Julien Ganter is a Partner at Arendt Regulatory & Consulting. His work focuses on managed services, transformation and ESG-related products. Julien contributes to the development of Arendt’s managed services in the ongoing transformation in the fields of asset management and private asset, as well as consulting services. Julien spent most of his career as Partner at a big 4 firm in Luxembourg, where he led the Asset Management Teams and was in charge of the Intelligent Automation and ESG initiatives. His field of expertise includes defining business and operational strategies and driving large transformation projects, ranging from operational processes and IT application reviews, smart-sourcing strategy design and deployment and change management.
Nicholas Pratt, Technology & Operations Editor, Funds Europe

Nik has been a financial journalist since 1999, starting as a reporter for Banking Technology and has written for Funds Europe since 2005. As technology and operations editor, Nik also edits the FundsTech report and is a presenter at FundsTech events. He has a master’s degree in Modern and Contemporary Writing and a degree in Philosophy and English Literature from the University of Sheffield.


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