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Magazine Issues » June 2022

Jersey roundtable: Embracing next-gen investors

Global reach
For Hernandez, the key reason Jersey remains such a hub is its ability to attract global fund managers.

“Yes, some managers might access European capital, but it’s important to note that many of them also access capital from outside Europe. If you’ve got a manager that markets in Europe, they would normally, on average, market to only three EU member states,” he said. “Yet if they’re raising a global fund, there can be a bigger focus on accessing capital outside Europe. Jersey can cater for both and that’s why Jersey is at the centre of many fund structures – it can access European marketing whilst also catering for worldwide capital.”

Satchell concluded by saying that after many years building up its profile as one of the leading offshore centres in the world, Jersey could further promote itself in regions such as Asia, the US and the Middle East. “Jersey Finance has opened an office in the US and expanding the Jersey brand in the US is going to be key for Jersey,” he said. “Jersey has a great EU and UK presence but it is key that we work to widen that out to other jurisdictions to cement the fact that Jersey is the domicile of choice for funds.”

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