Industry Research: Trends in Fund Finance Report


Fund finance is entering an era of change. Recent market volatility is symptomatic of a global economic shift, with inflation rising to levels not seen in a generation and higher interest rates. At the same time, the sustainability agenda is becoming ever more urgent, both for our environment and for financing itself.

After years of rapid growth, fund finance must adapt to address these challenges and to meet the demands of funds for greater flexibility and sophistication.

This report investigates these issues through a panel discussion of industry specialists and a deep dive analysis of the issues, including in-depth interviews with sector experts.

The report explores how:

  • Sustainability is becoming an embedded feature in fund finance
  • The recent rise in development of innovative forms of finance, including net asset value (NAV) financing, is expected to accelerate
  • New market entrants as sources of finance, including major institutional investors, are look to expand their fund financing activities

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