Funds Europe FundTech Awards 2020

How to enter
It’s easy to enter - and there is no charge!
  • Ensure you understand the categories and criteria by reading carefully through them
  • Complete the online entry form (if you are entering for more than one category, you will need to complete a form for each entry. You may enter for as many categories as you wish)
  • Write your submission of no more than 500 words
  • Optional – your submission can include supporting evidence that will directly support the claims that you have made in your 500 words, evidence files can be uploaded, files can be up to 15MB but this must be one file so if you have more than one please combine
How to create a submission:
  • You will be asked to enter a title/product name for your submission
  • Start by giving some background information on your firm – the judges may not be familiar with your firm or everything you do
  • Be clear - when providing examples it is sometimes best to use one to illustrate your point. Do use bullet points and sub- headings if you feel this will help
  • State why the nominated person/firm should win
  • Make sure all the criteria is addressed – all the categories will have specific criteria so make sure you refer to these in your submission
  • If adding evidence files these must relate directly to the claims you make in your 500 word submission. You may want to use screenshots, charts, tables, press clippings, images of marketing materials or products, extracts taken from research and reports. You may use links for evidence such as video if they relate directly to your submission
  • Do not include non-relevant corporate information


If submitting on behalf of another company, it is your responsibility to obtain all relevant permissions for the entry, from their own or associated businesses.


Your entry is confidential to the judges and the staff of Funds Europe. When submitting confidential information please mark clearly as “confidential”.

We will acknowledge receipt of entries

We will acknowledge your entry on receipt by email. If you do not hear from us within 4 working days please contact us.

Additional material after submission

Normally, we do not accept additional material after receiving your entry.

Judging the Awards

The judging panels meet in July to review and discuss submissions and draw up a shortlist. After further consideration, they will select the winner in each category.

The judges

Judges are senior-level, experienced professionals that have worked within financial services. Each panel of judges will bring a balanced view/ opinion to the process. Judges are not permitted to judge entries from their own or associated businesses. The names of judges are announced after the awards ceremony.

Publication of shortlists

If your entry has been shortlisted, we will advise you by email in August. You will need to provide us with the name of the senior representative attending the awards. Shortlists will also be published online in August 2020. Please note if you have not made the shortlist you will not be contacted.

Terms and conditions
  • The closing date for entries is Tuesday, 14th July, 2020
  • All submissions are treated in strict confidence
  • Self-nomination and nomination anonymously are accepted (contact us if you want to ask us to approach a potential candidate)
  • We regret we are unable to give feedback to those that are not shortlisted
  • The judges’ decision is final
Please email Sam Buttress at [email protected] with any questions or enquiries.

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