Entering the Funds Europe Awards – deadline extended

The Funds Europe Awards 2024 deadline has been extended to 15th May following a flurry of interest as the submissions stage draws to a close. Some 100 entries and counting have been received so far across our categories that cover – among others – asset managers, fund administrators and technology providers.

Entries centre on a 700-word written statement – and the importance of this statement cannot be overly emphasised.

It is the primary method of assessment for our independent panel of judges and the best approach is to get straight to the point about why you feel your firm (or individual, such as CIO) should be honoured.

Don’t, therefore, start with a long history of the organisation or individual. If anything, this background can come in the final paragraphs of the entry, or even in a supporting document. Our judges have a lot to assess and the best entries capture judges’ attention right at the start.

Of course, figures & numbers are important – particularly with regards to fund managers’ returns. But figures are often only a part of the story. It is a good idea to give prominence to at least one other criteria. This might be innovation, product development, commitment to the European funds industry, or playing an active role in thought leadership.

Our judges simply want to hear a compelling story about why a firm or individual should be considered.

Also, although our awards are centred on activities in the given timeframe of the 12 months to 31 March, judges do understand that sometimes an achievement may have been longer in the making. An innovative project might have launched three years ago but only paid dividends in the past 12 months. A CIO might have consolidated his or her position in the past year, but judges understand this would not have happened without some years or work prior to that, and so it is perfectly acceptable to refer to past achievements that led to the current success of the firm or individual.

Sometimes it is appropriate to treat our timeline as a guide, although the emphasis is overwhelmingly on the 12-month period when excellence has been demonstrated.

More details about our categories and how to enter are on our dedicated Awards website here.

Good luck!



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