Magazine Issues»March 2019

Nick-FitzpatrickPension funds are under more regulatory pressure to act on ESG – particularly the climate change aspect – and their powerful advisers have a huge leadership role to play.

Fiona_RintoulThis winter, I’ve been living part of the time on the Outer Hebrides. While I’ve been there, we’ve been having the garden refenced. Roddy, a fencer and gardener, turns up each morning and commences fencing.

Transylvania_RomaniaThe region’s growth potential may not be as notable as emerging markets in Asia, but Fiona Rintoul asks if being overlooked, under-researched and undervalued make CEE markets attractive.

IcebergFor ESG to spread across the pensions industry, schemes must be led by their investment consultants, campaigners say. Nick Fitzpatrick gauges how seriously advice firms take the topic.

Citi_buildingsAs Brexit day looms, inflows into UK equity ETFs are looking decidedly healthy, writes Nick Fitzpatrick.

Pound_notes_tornadoThe market environment since the financial crisis has been distorted, with ultra-loose monetary policy, low interest rates and periods of risk aversion aiding passive investing. Fiona Rintoul hears that this is about to change.

Fran_RodilossoFran Rodilosso, a VanEck fixed income ETF expert, considers the chances of a weaker dollar in 2019 and how this would lend itself to emerging market local currency fixed income exposure.

Tough_exerciseFund managers face yet another extensive reporting exercise under new securities finance rules. But the result could be a better securities lending market for asset owners, reports Nicholas Pratt.



Global Fund Management Regulatory Outlook 2023
The financial services industry is no stranger to frequent regulatory upheaval and scrutiny, however the past year has been particularly demanding on market participants.

This whitepaper details key regulatory changes scheduled and pending in 2023, and how they will impact fund managers and fund distributors.
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