Magazine Issues»July-August 2017

Fiona_RintoulAs the UK government lumbers through the Brexit negotiations, it is painful for anyone involved in the European asset management industry to contemplate the long years of dialogue and consultation that led us to where we are today: pretty close to a single EU market for investment products.

CowboyThere is still fundamental support for equities and good reasons why central bank rate rises will be slow, finds Nick Fitzpatrick.

Treaure_chestFund managers struggle to access data on their retail clients. Nicholas Pratt looks at efforts to overcome this and why it is so difficult.

LightsLynn Strongin Dodds reports on some of the asset management firms blazing a trail in the digital space.

Broken_golden_eggIt’s feared that Brexit could destroy tens of thousands of jobs in the City of London, mainly in investment banking. Here, Mark Latham looks at the impact on the UK’s £7 trillion asset management industry.

UK_flagA year after the UK’s Brexit vote, a survey reveals what fund industry executives expect will happen to the UK asset management industry and which countries stand to benefit from the diaspora of business.

Big_BenHeadwinds in the UK are now in sharper focus, says Maya Bhandari of Columbia Threadneedle investments.

Fish_hooksAs Switzerland shakes off its reputation for banking secrecy, the Swiss asset management environment now has additional regulatory hurdles. But as Fiona Rintoul finds, the benefits make it worth it.



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