Magazine Issues»February 2021

Artificial_intelligenceTrust is the foundation of any healthy relationship. A professional business-oriented relationship between various parties is no exception to this rule. Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that trust is not an explicit value and cannot be taken for granted.

Tim_MorganThere’s no doubt that 2020 was an extraordinary experience for the alternative fund space with the Covid-19 pandemic throwing up a host of challenges, stress-testing structures, and putting the ability to service and fundraise to the test.

Real_EstateRecent acquisitions by real estate and infrastructure fund managers reflect how investors are buying into new, thematic ideas. Alex Rolandi reports.

Global_real_estateIndustry experts offer their views on the real estate market’s resilience, discuss its main challenges and identify which subsectors are gaining momentum.

Covid_vaccinationWith uncertainty set to continue, commodities was the most searched-for asset class among private markets in january, writes Sean Thompson.

Pat_LardnerAt present there is understandably little being done in the way of celebration. In addition to family and friends, we are all sadly learning of industry peers and former colleagues who have suffered and succumbed to the virus.