Supplements»ESG Report October 2021

Romil_PatelWhile the world focuses on carbon emissions – and rightly so – we often ignore the other side of the same coin, namely biodiversity loss.

Climate_changeThe climate crisis has focused global attention – from governments, financial institutions, corporates and the public at large – on carbon emissions. But the other side of the coin, biodiversity loss, has received far less attention, writes Romil Patel.

Sarwal_and_GaddThe volume and complexity of regulatory reporting has increased exponentially since the 2008 financial crisis, causing significant challenges for the wider funds industry. Asset managers face headwinds from a number of quarters; now add to that the deluge of regulatory reporting due to come into force in July 2022.

ESG_roundtable_Oct_2021As COP26 draws near, ESG experts discuss how momentum is set to increase for responsible investing on the back of the summit, as well as issues surrounding greenwashing and labour rights. Chaired by Alex Rolandi.

ESG_green_bondsThe green bonds market had its most successful year in 2020 – an achievement that might sound humdrum if 2021 continues on its current trajectory, writes Pete Carvill.

Under_waterWater demand is likely to exceed supply by 40% by 2030, according to the UN – but many asset managers still don’t price in water scarcity as a risk. Alex Rolandi asks thought leaders what the implications of water shortages are for society and business.

Green_etfsTrustees already face a myriad of challenges and today, most schemes now face a timeline for compliance with various climate and ESG regulations, which vary by country, scheme type and scheme size.

Stuart_FosterStuart Foster, managing director, Institutional Banking at RBS International, explains how his team is helping clients tackle ESG implementation with managing important technology change.