Magazine Issues»April 2016

Nish DissanayakeJune 23 looms large and there is significant consideration being given within the asset management industry to what its impact might be.

Nathan Travell of Milestone Group examines the rise of multi-asset investment solutions and the need to break down the operating silos that constrain efficient delivery within institutions.

Alternative funds are increasingly en vogue with institutional investors thanks to tighter regulation and greater oversight. Nicholas Pratt looks at how fund administrators are adjusting.

IrelandTwo fund structures that asset managers may want their administrators to support are Ireland’s Icav and Luxembourg’s Raif, which each country has developed to support the liquid alternatives surge. Nicholas Pratt explains.

Company executives answer questions as part of Funds Europe's fund administration survey.

DrawingWe profile some of the most interesting fund launches in recent weeks and examine the performance of a product already on the market.

GAbriela DiezhandinoEuropean asset managers continue to be fierce supporters of the Capital Markets Union (CMU), because it is an additional step for the realisation of a deeper and more effective single market and fewer cross-border barriers.