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Abstract_cloudTechnology lies at the heart of the asset management industry’s responses to Covid-19 – and technology will be fundamental to its business recovery as the pandemic recedes. But how are the fund management and asset servicing communities adapting to this challenge?

Mapping_the_earthAs the world emerges from a devastating pandemic, technology will play a critical role in determining the shape of the funds industry.

Cloud-based solutionsThe survey asked respondents to identify, from a list of technology options, which currently play an important role in their companies’ IT strategies. Almost two-thirds highlighted use of cloud-based solutions – specifically use of public cloud and hybrid cloud in their technology strategies (fig 3).

Machine_learningSurvey results have indicated that asset management companies are expected to increase the number of services that they outsource over the coming two years, taking advantage of the investment that large asset servicing companies have made in their global operating models

Outsourcing oversightEven when asset managers have taken the decision to outsource NAV calculation to a third-party administrator, they will retain responsibility for oversight through the fiduciary, or stewardship, responsibility they bear to their investors.

NumbersWe asked industry experts about the future of global fund services and innovation opportunities to strengthen investment decision-making.


Global Fund Management Regulatory Outlook 2023
The financial services industry is no stranger to frequent regulatory upheaval and scrutiny, however the past year has been particularly demanding on market participants.

This whitepaper details key regulatory changes scheduled and pending in 2023, and how they will impact fund managers and fund distributors.
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