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Mark_LathamIn the week that this report went to press, Aberdeen Standard Investments launched a fund that will be run by artificial intelligence.

ArrowsReverse index ETFs, small-cap ETFs, high beta ETFs: providers of smart beta ETFs are nothing if not inventive. Fiona Rintoul examines the latest trends.

Unlock potentialAs equity-based smart beta strategies become increasingly mainstream, Nicholas Pratt investigates the development of the fixed income smart beta market and asks how its potential can be realised.

Color_explosionCalls for environmental, social and governance criteria to be injected into smart beta portfolios have prompted a growing number of ESG factor-based indices. Lynn Strongin Dodds looks at their construction and hears how they generate enhanced returns and lower risk.

The S&P500 has enjoyed the longest bull run in its history, but turbulence could lie ahead. Is it time to add some protection to your portfolio?

The use of smart beta strategies continues to grow, says our expert panel, but do investors understand what they are and when they should be used?

Overcrowded_Hong_KongWith multi-factor investing on the rise, Lynn Strongin Dodds looks at the drivers and learns how factors are being combined.

PinchNicholas Pratt investigates the growing interest in alt beta funds – vehicles that look to automate many of the active processes carried out by hedge funds – and their relationship with smart beta.


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