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Nick-FitzpatrickPeople have become used to asset managers claiming ESG principles run through their “entire” investment process – and this year shows mounting pressure for that process to extend to securities lending.

Head_in_the_sandBeneficial owners will have to ensure their securities lending programmes do not conflict with their wider ESG approach to investing, Lynn Strongin Dodds is told.

Our securities lending specialists discuss recent priorities, routes to market, collateral eligibility, performance-monitoring, decision-making and technological advances.

Eric_DeudonEric Deudon, global head of market and financing services at BNP Paribas Securities Services, shares his views on some of the changing dynamics in securities lending.

FoodThe new trend for beneficial owners to take full advantage of data is important in Europe, where lending revenues have declined because of monetary policy. Lynn Strongin Dodds reports.

Times_Square_NYCAndrew Dyson, of ISLA, explains why 2020 will be an inflection point for securities lending and how this is an opportunity for profound industry change.

Canabis_plant2019 was a difficult year for securities lending revenue. It ticked upwards in Q3, but the market is facing friction from regulatory requirements such as the SFTR, finds Fiona Rintoul.

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