Magazine Issues»November 2019

CubesFunds Europe talks to Milestone Group about the increased importance of asset allocation and the need for a total portfolio view.

Fund managers are trying to move closer to their end investors but, after years of disintermediation, have little customer data and face immense disruption. Our Luxembourg panel discusses tech and the competitive threat.

Tobias_EttlinFlying into Luxembourg airport on a recent morning in typical foggy conditions, I couldn’t help but marvel at ground up fly-by-wire technology (whereby flight controls are converted into electronic signals) which allowed our A320 from London Heathrow to land in virtually zero visibility.

Serge_KrancenblumSerge Krancenblum, group executive chairman of investor services firm IQ-EQ, sheds light on the convergence of family offices, private markets and asset management.

Digital_world_mapThe global equity universe is a vast and broad domain, with investor search activity spread across many different strategy types, writes Tom Ashford.

Nick_BrittonThe number of listed companies is in decline in the UK, France, Germany and the US. Exciting young companies are opting to come to market only when their best phase of growth is over.