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Nick_FitzpatrickSome see a rosy future for the regulated alternative investment fund (AIF). As Europe looks to recover from the economic consequences of the pandemic, one of this report’s contributors says a public-private partnership is required, which would need the kinds of investment instruments that AIFs are set up to invest in (see our Luxembourg jurisdiction roundtable feature).

BallsThe European Commission needs to consider the structure of the funds industry so that proposed anti-money laundering measures don’t affect Luxembourg adversely, experts tell David Whitehouse.

Elizabeth_Fitzgibbons-ButlerThe recent amendments to Luxembourg’s 2004 securitisation law mean that active management of securitisation vehicles linked to bonds, loans and other debt instruments will now be allowed.

Luxembourg_Jurisdiction_roundtable_Feb_2022With the growing maturity of the AIF sector and the implementation of the Capital Markets Union, Luxembourg faces a changing landscape. our expert panel discusses these developments, and the growth of climate investing.

Office_workerRegulatory developments are unlikely to usher in a new era of fund structures, but adjustments will be needed, finds Lynn Strongin Dodds.

Luxembourg_SFA_roundtable_Feb_2022With investors allocating greater sums to private assets, we ask our panel of specialist fund administrators in Luxembourg about the great weight of institutional capital said to be heading their way.

DaisiesFunds Europe speaks to industry actors about some of the themes at this year’s European Asset Management Conference hosted by the Association of the Luxembourg Funds Industry (Alfi). Topics include indexation and ESG.

Camille_ThommesLuxembourg – including the financial regulator - has adopted a “be prepared” approach to cryptoassets, says Camille Thommes, director general at ALFI, the Luxembourg funds industry association.


Global Fund Management Regulatory Outlook 2023
The financial services industry is no stranger to frequent regulatory upheaval and scrutiny, however the past year has been particularly demanding on market participants.

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