Supplements»EM Report 2011

HiredThere are those who say many of us still lack enough exposure to emerging markets. As problems in the developed world persist, Nick Fitzpatrick asks fund managers why he should invest in their particular assets.

ShoesMany developed world companies have turned to emerging markets to access growth, particularly in recent years. Nick Fitzpatrick talks to fund managers about benefiting from this through global funds.

Currency-bondsWith low interest rates in the developed world, poor economic growth and lingering fears of an unstable dollar, is it any wonder that investors are turning to local currency bonds, again, to increase yields, asks George Mitton

rusty-tractorThe uprisings in parts of the Middle East and North Africa may not have had a direct impact on investments, but the reverberations will certainly be felt. Angele Spiteri Paris reports

Russian-DollsDespite the first listing of a company on the Hong Kong stock exchange, Russia continues to bear the brunt of the financial crisis as international investors reveal their cautious side. Fiona Rintoul reports

Africa-CoffeeAfrica's compelling demographics and surging growth have convinced many investors to enter this market. But the continent remains a frustrating place, held back by lack of infrastructure and scarred by war. George Mitton reports

Made-in-ChinaAs the twelfth five-year plan is outlined in China, Claude Tiramani of Lutetia Capital, expands on what this could spell for the country, its inhabitants and what effect, if any, it could have on the global economic climate­.

Western-BankThe Aifm Directive has placed much stricter liability on depositories regarding assets. Nicholas Pratt examines how these changes could impact the servicing of emerging market funds.