ASSOCIATION COLUMN: You spoke. we listened

In the course of 2016 – in the framework of a larger internal strategic review – Alfi surveyed its members to gain feedback on the association’s activities, most importantly, its yearly events in Luxembourg.

In order to reflect more appropriately the audience’s exigence for more focused asset management thought leadership in the topics we are addressing, we have renamed our springtime event the Alfi European Asset Management Conference. In our presentations, keynote talks and panel discussions, we will clearly focus on asset managers and investors.

Our rebranding is motivated by the insight attributed to Charles Darwin that “it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most adaptable to change”.

Indeed, the asset management industry is currently facing more potentially disrupting influences than ever before:

  • an above-average political uncertainty following the Brexit decision and the recent US elections
  • the resurgence of geopolitical tensions increasing nationalistic and protectionist behaviour and the questioning of free trade agreements, threatening international cooperation
  • the rapidly progressing spread of information technology in the provision and take-up of financial services
  • evolving investor behaviour due to demographic changes and the emergence of a tech-savvy investor generation

This year’s Alfi European Asset Management Conference 2017 promises to bring an innovative and dynamic approach to this conference going forward, exploiting the two days’ running order with an opportunity to bring even more asset management matters to the fore.

The following themes will cover day one and day two of the programme. We will primarily aim to deliver matters describing the current and future of the asset management world, the perspectives of asset managers and the end investors:

Day one, morning: The Asset Management World Today will bring forward the views of leading figures of asset management. A stock-taking exercise, following almost ten years post-financial crisis, will answer the question as to whether asset management has indeed become a ‘better place’ for investing.

Day one, afternoon: A New Fund Order will focus on fund design and investment strategy trends (including an active-versus-passive debate) followed by fund selection-focused sessions.

Day two, morning: What’s on the Mind of the Investor? will certainly be stimulating. Highlighting a Global Investor Survey, what role asset managers play in cross-border pension funds, leading to the investor paradigm of today and closing with a dedicated session on the digital world of asset management.

Day two, afternoon: Asset Management, a Brave New World will focus on what’s next for asset management from a geopolitical perspective, followed by the key regulatory impact of MiFID II and where it is leading asset management.

This conference is very important to our industry, which is why the Luxembourg minister of finance, HE Pierre Gramegna, will conclude it with an address on 2017: a game-changing year for Europe and the world economy.

We are convinced that this yearly conference will continue to attract the biggest and most innovative names in the asset management industry from Europe, the US, Asia and the Middle East.

The global fund industry keeps moving onwards and upwards, with Alfi conferences leading the fray.

Josée-Lynda Denis senior conference producer, Alfi

©2017 funds europe



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