Schroders launches fund of its own funds

walletSchroders is launching a fund of funds investing in its own range of “maximiser” and fixed income funds.

The new Managed Monthly High Income fund will draw a monthly distribution from equities, bonds, property securities and income from volatility.

Schroders says it expects the monthly distributions to be “approximately uniform, with a potential yield of 5.5% [per year] or more”.

Investors will gain access to eight of Schroders’ active investment strategies including four equity “maximiser” funds: Income Maximiser, Asian Income Maximiser, ISF European Dividend Maximiser and Global Property Income Maximiser.

On the fixed income side, the exposure will be to Sterling Broad Market, ISF Global High Yield, Strategic Bond and Absolute Return Bond funds. Asset allocation will be split half and half across equities and fixed income.

Thomas See, head of structured fund management and responsible for Schroders’ Maximiser fund range, will co-manage the fund along with Gareth Isaac, senior fixed income portfolio manager.

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