Safe Share joins Colt to bolster security

Cyber securityData security company Covata and its reseller nscglobal have joined Colt PrizmNet, a financial services extranet that connects providers of financial content to capital markets firms.

The collaboration will provides access to Safe Share, a secure file sharing system, enabling capital markets participants to securely share data over Colt PrizmNet. According to the firms, it provides participants with access auditability, certainty of data location and real time withdrawal of access rights.

Safe Share pertains to offer three levels of security- identity management, policy and key management, aiming to provide Colt capital markets customers with a data security solution.

According to Covata’s chief executive officer and founder, Trent Telford, it's the firm’s background in government and defence that gives it an understanding of the security needs for capital markets.

“Leveraging Colt PrizmNet for multiple services across front, middle and back office allows our customers to benefit from real economies of scale, whilst not compromising on security or service,” says Hugh Cumberland, solution manager at Colt.

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