Robeco in the UK

Web analyticsRobeco, the Dutch asset manager that is setting up a UK office, is arguably further along the digital learning curve than many other fund firms.

As many managers explore the digital opportunity, Robeco has already found that the use of web analytics and automated processes has boosted sales in its retail business by about 10%.

Funds Europe reported on this in September. Monique van Wensem, head of retail marketing and sales at Robeco in Rotterdam, told us integrating web analytics with mailing and client management systems had produced a conversion rate of almost 10%, which she said was very high.

It remains to be seen how Robeco might work digital techniques with the new office in London. The UK business focuses on institutional investors and consultants – but also on global distribution partners, some of whom may have retail reach.

Robeco announced in September that Mark Barry had been appointed head of UK and institutional business for Robeco UK. Barry was previously a managing director at Russell Investments.

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