Stichting Pensioenfonds UWV appoints fiduciary manager

Pension_old_womanStichting Pensioenfonds UWV, the Dutch employee insurance agency pension fund, has appointed Amsterdam-based Kempen Capital Management as its fiduciary manager with effect from October.

Stichting Pensioenfonds, which has around 55,000 members and invested capital of €7.3 billion, will become Kempen’s third fiduciary management client with capital of over €5 billion.

The appointment follows a competitive tendering process which got underway last year.

Paul Gerla, Kempen board chairman, said: “We consider this a true partnership, one that will prove future-proof in the current, dynamic world of pensions.

“Furthermore, it is our ambition to strengthen and expand Kempen’s position in the pensions market.”

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