Robeco calls for action to reduce plastic pollution

Bales_of_plasticUrgent action is required to reduce plastic pollution, says Dutch fund manager Robeco in response to the UK government’s announcement to limit single use plastic items set to come into force in 2020.

The measures, announced on Tuesday, will include plastic straws, plastic drinks stirrers, and plastic cotton buds. Plastic drinks stirrers will be banned completely.

Despite welcoming the move, Robeco said that it is not enough. Indeed, single use plastic is one of the asset manager’s four “engagement themes” targeting food and beverage producers as well as plastic manufacturers.

According to Robeco, it is trying to get companies to work within a circular economy model, focusing on “plastic recycling, plastic harmonisation and innovation management”.

“Regulation is an important factor to reduce the impact of single use plastics,” said the Netherlands-based firm’s head of active ownership, Carola van Lamoen.

“Setting minimum targets for post-consumer recycled content is crucial for creating end-markets that create favorable economics for investment in recycling infrastructure.”

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