ETFs continued to enjoy inflows in November

Arrow_upGlobal inflows into exchange-traded funds (ETFs) amounted to €52.5 billion in November of which €9.6 billion came from Europe, according to figures from French fund giant Amundi.

Globally, €43.4 billion went into equity ETFs in November of which €6.8 billion came from Europe.

In the eleven months to November, ETFs attracted €554 billion globally.

Within Europe, €1.8 billion in November went into US equity ETFs and €673 million went into ETFs exposed to European stocks.

In the bond markets, ETFs continued to benefit from solid flows during the month, at €9.5 billion globally, of which €2.5 billion came from Europe.

Sovereign bonds continued to be shunned by European investors and lost €203 million in favour of corporate bonds, which saw inflows of €1.5 billion.

In terms of exposure to specific countries, European investors in November favoured China, ploughing in €316 million.

Within the smart beta ETF universe, multi-factor strategies were the most popular in November, enjoying inflows of  €338 million.

The two types of ETFs most affected by withdrawals were German ETFs, which saw withdrawals of €305 million, and small caps, down €213 million.

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