Luxembourg fund industry unveils “2020 ambition”

Action planThe Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (Alfi) has launched a five-point plan to help maintain its leading position as a service hub for cross-border funds.

Its “2020 Ambition” paper covers the next four years of activity and centres on “serving the interests of investors and the economy”.

The strategy is being led by Denise Voss, whose appointment as chair of Alfi was announced this week. Voss is conducting officer of Franklin Templeton Investments in Luxembourg.

The five objectives for the next four years include explaining the role of investment funds for the global economy, such as through pension provision and finance for infrastructure.

The strategy will also connect investors with international market opportunities by facilitating cross-border fund distribution.

Research and development is also part of the 2020 ambition. Alfi says the next generation of investors could benefit from academic research taking place in the Grand Duchy supporting the development of retail investor technologies.

“We must now also address the shifts in demographics and technology if the industry is to continue to play its role of serving the interests of investors and of the economy,” says Voss.

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