Insch Capital launches gold strategy

Swiss firm Insch Capital Management has launched a gold strategy that will trade the precious metal either long or short in relation to major currencies.

The firm says the strategy opens up an “important new set of unique investment opportunities” in gold as, until now, investors were confined to long, buy-and-hold positions.

The strategy trades ‘actively managed certificates’ which will be issued by UniCredit Bank and listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, offering daily liquidity.

Insch Kintore (Bidirectional Gold) Strategy, as the strategy is known, aims for capital growth in both favourable and unfavourable market conditions by trading gold either long or short versus the G7 currencies: Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Euro, Japanese yen, GBP sterling, Swiss franc, US dollar.

The Insch Kintore strategy, through to the end of May 2016, was up 26.74%, Insch said.

Christopher Cruden, chief executive of Insch Capital, said:  “Gold is a key component of many portfolios but up to now, investors have inevitably been confined to long, buy-and-hold positions.  No more.  These AMCs [actively managed certificates], particularly given their Frankfurt listing, open up an important new set of unique investment opportunities.”

Each certificate is offered at a minimum investment of US$100,000 (€88,430) or equivalent in other currencies.

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