Older investors target India

Survey1The Indian stock market offers the best opportunity to make returns from equities in 2016, UK investors age 40 say.

They say that falls of around 10% from peak prices last year leave valuations looking particularly attractive.

Meanwhile, the Legg Mason Asset Management study of over 5,000 high-net-worth investors found millennial investors (aged 39 and under) are sticking with developed market equities this year.

Just over half of older UK investors named India as one of their top investment destinations for 2016. The Indian equity market is no longer viewed as particularly risky by UK investors, with just 18% of older investors labelling it as a high-risk market for 2016.

When it comes to the best opportunities elsewhere, the US equity market came second with 47% of older investors favouring it, while Europe (ex-UK) was third with 35%.

Nearly half of millennials named the US as an attractive region, with Europe (excluding UK) and Japan second and third (with 42% and 33% of the vote respectively).

Conversely, the least attractive investment opportunity is Russia.

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