Europe’s mutual fund universe shrinks

coins in squeeze 410The total number of funds available to European investors decreased by 271 over the third quarter of this year, according to Lipper data.

This compares to a decrease of 308 funds over the same time last year.

Hosting 8,618 funds, Luxembourg dominates the fund market in Europe. France, with 4,876, ranks second.

While 442 funds were created in Europe over the quarter, 458 were liquidated and 255 merged.

In its latest report – Launches, liquidations & mergers in the European mutual fund industry: Q3 2013 – Lipper says although there was a net decline, the trend is slowing.

Only mixed-asset funds went against the overall trend, with a positive net change in the number of available funds.

Of the 442 funds launched in the quarter, there were 133 equity funds, 120 bond funds, 155 mixed asset funds and 11 money market funds.

Meanwhile, of the 458 funds that were liquidated, there were 148 equity funds, 58 bond funds, 91 mixed-asset funds and 16 money market funds.

Among the 255 funds that were merged, there were 76 equity funds, 70 bond funds, 59 mixed asset funds and 35 money market funds. The remainders were categorised as “others”.

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