June 2009

Last week, we learnt that BlackRock had acquired Barclays Global Investors to create an asset management mega-giant with assets under management of $2.7 trillion. At the same time, writing in Fidelity’s weekly outlook Tom Stevenson suggested it was time for us to cheer up and abandon our widow’s weeds...


Charlie Porter, CEO
Thames River Capital

Is the crisis unfolding worse or better than expected?

Quantitative easing has been the latest and most effective tool to bring rates down, therefore easing monetary conditions. This feeds through to the economy via...

The Netherlands provides an excellent example of how regulations are a driving force behind pension plan designs, says Samuel Sender of Edhec...

"BPM is a major leap forward in the effort to reduce human error within the transactional chain, thereby improving efficiency and increasing cost effectiveness@, says Paul zur Nieden