Magazine Issues»December-January 2015

ExamResearch of advisors globally reveals how the industry feels about its changing landscape. There is much uncertainty, of course, but one thing is clear: advisors are not fretting about examinations.

GemsInvestors are looking for alternative sources of income as traditional streams come under pressure. But obtaining returns is getting more risky.

Consistently high returns from 105-year-old stocks show there is an important, often neglected, factor at play for determining quality companies. 

Bernard TancreBernard Tancré tells Funds Europe why the availability of ETFs on Vestima will extend access to this fund type to a larger and new group of investors. 

Building blocksThe European ETF industry is counting down to a new milestone, reaching $500 billion of assets under management, finds Nick Fitzpatrick. But where are the defenders of active management?

Chemical elementService providers can be strong partners in helping fund managers to become more efficient. Renaud Breyer and John Beavers of EY Luxembourg outline key elements in making relationships work.

SwordsmanInstead of being viewed as a cost centre, data management should be centralised, while data itself should be used to add value and make a business more competitive, says Mario Mantrisi of Kneip.

DeadlineAlternative managers face their first reporting deadline in early 2015. Nicholas Pratt looks at the state of preparedness and problem areas.

Dark cloudsHigh profile lawsuits, a best-selling expose and unwelcome regulation have brought dark pools under the spotlight. Nicholas Pratt discovers some buy-side firms are calling for a return to basics.

MalaysiaWe profile the most interesting fund launches in recent weeks and examine the performance of one product a year after it hit the market.